Home 1

Bacon, tomato and rocket spaghetti

No time, but hungry mouths to feed? This pasta takes less than 20 minutes to get onto the table.
Home 2

Orange & yoghurt syrup cake

Don't forget to pack a thermos of tea so you can enjoy a cuppa with this tasty semolina cake.


Home 4

Chocolate earthquake cookies

Bake a batch of these tempting chocolate cookies - they're so delicious you won't want to share them!
Home 5

Chocolate pound cake

This handy freezer-friendly chocolate cake is your licence to chill - and thrill!
Home 6

Fennel, endive and pink grapefruit salad

This fruity fennel, endive & pink grapefruit salad makes a jolly good side for juicy pork with a crisp crackling.
Home 7

Risotto with asparagus

Tender asparagus adds crunch to this creamy vegetarian risotto from the Veneto province in Italy.
Home 8

Snow pea, almond & chicken stir-fry

Liven up your Thursday night with this mouth-watering stir-fry which gives classic Chinese ingredients a modern twist.
Home 9

Vietnamese coffee icy poles

These icy poles transform the hot coffee treat into a cold one.
Home 10

Barbecue-flavoured popcorn

Pop up with this new idea for a kids treat that gives classic popcorn a makeover with barbecue favour.
Home 11

Gooey choc pots

Whip up creamy milk chocolate treats with a crispy biscuit base and a sweet meringue top.
Home 12

'Spaghetti and meatballs' ice-cream cake

If your kids love spaghetti and meatballs, watch their eyes light up when you serve this at their next birthday party. Start this recipe a day ahead.


Home 13

Warm chicken and artichoke pasta salad

A warm pasta salad high in fibre and ready in 30 minutes. Want extra vegies? Add 200g trimmed and halved green beans to the pasta for the last 3 minutes of cooking time.
Home 14

Raptor droppings

Your little dinosaur fan will love these chocolate popcorn treats.
Home 15

Dairy-free chocolate and muesli cake

This dairy-free chocolate cake is deliciously different with the addition of silken tofu, toasted muesli and sweet golden syrup.
Home 16

Little chocolate mousses

These little chocolate mousses are the perfect end to a gourmet dinner party.
Home 17

Blueberry and poppy seed overnight oats

For a tasty veggie twist, stir finely grated carrot into the oat mixture before soaking overnight.
Home 18

Grilled lamb with eggplant and spinach salad

Minty yoghurt makes a fresh tangy dressing for this simple lamb and eggplant salad.
Home 19

Apricot chicken curry

Turn a classic family favourite into a warm winter curry with this tasty apricot chicken recipe.
Home 20

Chicken mee goreng

It takes just six ingredients to create a fabulous meal — here's the proof!


Home 21

Warm Mediterranean tuna and risoni salad

Take inspiration from the Mediterranean with this vibrant tuna and risoni salad which is packed with flavour.


Home 26

Low fat rum balls

Spoil friends and family with these super simple rum balls.
Home 27

Rich chocolate and strawberry cake

Make a statement with your next dessert: serve this fabulous chocolate strawberry cake.
Home 28

Chicken nabe

Wombok adds nutrients, texture and subtle sweetness to the soup.
Home 29

Chilli beef with polenta dumplings

Fluffy polenta dumplings help temper the heat from the spicy chilli beef underneath.