Chocolate rum and raisin ricotta cake

Simmer sweet raisins in coffee and rum, then fold the pureed mixture through a ricotta batter. Eat it with a dollop of yoghurt and an espresso.

Mini vanilla and pomegranate yoghurt cheesecakes

These little cheesecakes made with yoghurt and cream cheese are garnished with pomegranate for an extra pop of flavour.

Caramel slice (vegan)

Experience the guiltless pleasure of this vegan, low calorie classic dessert.

Banana and hazelnut yoghurt fruit dip

Serve fresh fruit with choc hazelnut dip for a fun and healthy dessert idea for the kids.

Passionfruit yoghurt millefeuille

Create a stand-out French dessert with minimum fuss with this luscious passionfruit yoghurt millefeuille.

Cranberry bread and butter pudding

We reduced the kilojoules in this classic dessert so that everyone can enjoy a slice without the guilt.
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Healthier 'Ferrero Rocher' balls

With only 300 calories in each, these raw Ferrero Rocher bliss balls are a better-for-you snack or dessert.

Macadamia, mango and coconut tart

Lighten up your dessert plate using fresh fruit and nuts, with this healthier creamy macadamia, mango and coconut tart.

Coconut and passionfruit custard pots

A dairy-free custard made with creamy coconut milk, zingy passionfruit and a hint of vanilla. It's better for you than your standard panna cotta.

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