Healthy fish 'tacos'

For a light and tasty dinner, try Jessica Sepel's zesty fish tacos all wrapped up in a lettuce leaf.

Warm chicken salad with mustard dressing

Serve up a colourful, healthy meal with this warm chicken, pumpkin and broccoli salad drizzled with mustard dressing.

Peri peri chicken and zoodle salad

Prepare this gluten-free peri peri chicken and zoodle salad the night before to ensure there is enough time for the chicken to soak up all the saucy goodness.

Thyme butter salmon parcels

Beautifully baked salmon parcels with chilli, zucchini and asparagus.

Hot-smoked salmon with brown rice

Kick start the new year with this healthy hot-smoked salmon served with a brown rice salad.
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20-minute healthy bolognese

Lentils, cherry tomatoes and basil provide a rich colour and flavour for this bright, modern take on beef bolognese that the family will love. The best part is that it'll be ready in just 20 minutes.

Crispy-skin salmon with citrus

Serve crispy skin salmon with this colourful citrus salad. Teaming different varieties of in-season citrus adds a delightful flavour pop!

Spicy broccoli and chickpea pasta

This healthy vegetarian pasta recipe takes just 20 minutes to prepare. Perfect for midweek dinners.

Chipotle lime chicken with charred pumpkin and broccolini salad

Low calorie and gluten free, this chipotle chicken and pumpkin salad is a real winner!

Chicken garlic and herb broth

Nourishment for the soul, healthy chicken soup invigorates both the body and mind.

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