Sticky spelt, apple and date scrolls

A healthier take on the cinnamon scroll-using wholemeal spelt flour, fresh fruit for sweetness and maple syrup for glazing.

Healthier lunchbox bars

The kids will love this better-for-you version of the classic LCM bar.

Healthy banana smoothie

*Disclaimer: This recipe is a member recipe. It has not been tested by the team.

Salmon buddha bowl with zesty herb dressing

For a fast and fresh main that's healthy AND delicious, try our salmon buddha bowl

Gluten-free cauliflower patties with walnut salad

These gluten-free cauliflower patties are super-filling and are great for dinner or the school lunchbox. Even better they're budget-friendly, too.

Healthy fish 'tacos'

For a light and tasty dinner, try Jessica Sepel's zesty fish tacos all wrapped up in a lettuce leaf.

Warm chicken salad with mustard dressing

Serve up a colourful, healthy meal with this warm chicken, pumpkin and broccoli salad drizzled with mustard dressing.

Vegan pasta nourish bowl

Loaded with vegies, wholemeal pasta and tofu, this healthy vegetarian pasta is a perfect low-calorie lunch or dinner.

Peri peri chicken and zoodle salad

Prepare this gluten-free peri peri chicken and zoodle salad the night before to ensure there is enough time for the chicken to soak up all the saucy goodness.

Granola pancakes

Made with granola, oats and bananas, these better-for-you pancakes are healthy breakfast treat.

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