'Edible' slime

Although we don't recommend eating this colourful slime, it's safe if children put it in their mouth - and it's fun to play with!
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Unicorn jelly cheesecake slice

This pretty unicorn jelly cheesecake slice has five colourful layers and is finished with clouds of whipped cream.

Fairy bread cheesecake

Fairy bread is the most popular and enduring sugar sandwich ever and it's the inspiration behind this fun cheesecake.

Classic fudgy brownie

"Brownies are my go-to treat for picnics or afternoon tea. I like to drizzle them with extra chocolate sauce before serving." - Michelle Southan

Caramel swirl brownie

We solve your bring-a-plate dilemma 'I don't want to take a box of chocolates - what can I bring to have with coffee instead?' Freshly baked caramel swirl brownies, enough to serve and save.

Rainbow cannoli

These classic Italian pastries get an extra dash of dolce vita!

Gluten-free chocolate shortbread stars

The kids will love these star-shaped bikkies. Best of all they are egg-free and gluten-free so no one misses out.

Easy rainbow ice-cream cake

Create this stylish rainbow ice-cream cake for your next party or celebration.

Vanilla bean marshmallows

Soft and sweet, these pillows of sugar and fluffy egg white are super easy to make.

Lightsaber cake

This eye-catching lightsaber cake is sure to impress all the Star Wars fans at your next birthday party.

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